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I am passionate about life, nature, music. I am a hardworking man, good balance of fun and responsibility, With work, I can be serious minded and yet playful and fun to be around with. I am really romantic. My greatest gift that I have to share with you is my heart, honesty and friendship, I am confident, and lovely inside and out . I am looking for a sexy and secure woman who is civil matured and loyal
с Женщиной
в возрасте 51-60 лет
Цель знакомства:
Любовь, отношения,
Брак, создание семьи
Кого я хочу найти:
I am seeking for a special quality in my dream woman, one that is simple but which I value and I hope to find in my better half and that is ripeness/maturity. Experience has shown me that this quality is not necessarily a thing of age but of mind therefore I seek for that maturity of mind that comes with understanding of ones self and then the partner
Семейное положение:
Не женат
Знание языков:
Есть, один, живем порознь